The Juliette Story


 Throughout our married life, Tammy and I have been fascinated by antebellum homes. We've collected multiple paintings and visited many plantations. It was always a dream of ours to actually own one. About 12 years ago, Tammy was injured in a car accident and the ride home (40 miles) was getting real hard on her. 

A friend of mine knew we were looking for a home closer to work and he knew us well enough to know that we'd want the Juliette. He came in to my office one day and said "I found your house."
We went that day and spent an hour looking around the home, taking pictures and dreaming of what we could do with the Juliette. At that time the home was in bad condition. We found out who owned the home and approached them about selling it.  The home was not for sell. Being persistent, I heard that many times. Over the coarse of about 12 months the owner and I became friends. Home still not for sell. 

One day on our way home Tammy said, "take me to the old house" I replied, "we're going right by there" she said, "no, take me to the old house." I had tried to call the owner the week before but had not received a call back but that didn't matter to her. When we drove up, she got out of the car, Bible in hand and headed to the front door. She knocked on the front door, read Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. She claimed the house to be ours and that it would sell for a fair price and that we would buy it for a fair price.

 Within 1 week, the owner called to say e was going to let us see the house and that if we still wanted it, we l we just needed to make an offer. We were so excited. As we lookedat the home, we knew that it would taka a lot of work. The home had notbeen lived in for 8 to 10 years and was really needing some TLC. The ownertold us of multiple offers (some larger than ours) on the house but he just didn't feel right selling it. He said he just felt that we were the ones. The owner accepted our first offer and we got started working. 

Over the coarse of 9 months (at 2 days a week) we just wasn't getting enough done. I took off from work and with a few guys helping me, within 3 months, we moved into the first floor. As time went by and we improved the property, we had multiple people stop by and ask "can we have a wedding here?"
The opportunity to be a part starting a new life for a couple. 

We really didn't know how to answer but we thought it over, prayed about it and decided that we would try. As we built the reception room, 2 white doves nested in the attic of it and had babies. This was our confirmation that we were doing the right thing. We've strive to make the Juliette better and better. We've met a lot of wonderful people and truly enjoy giving couples a great place to start their new life.