Juliette Plantation

Plantation Weddings in Louisiana

If you are looking for a romantic and beautiful plantation wedding, look no further, get lost in Juliette Plantation's timeless beauty. Juliette Plantation is located in Central Louisiana, a short drive from Alexandria in Boyce Louisiana. It is perfect for any wedding from elegant to rustic with its gorgeous picturesque backdrop. Juliette Plantation is locally owned by Corky & Tammy Bolton, the couple has been restoring this beauty over the past decade. In addition to Weddings we offer Jazz Brunches, Afternoon Tea, Children's Tea, Bridal Showers and Baby Showers (Brunches & Lunches), Private seated - Brunches & Lunches, Office Parties, Holiday Parties, Romantic Proposals, and the list goes on. Quality and Elegance is our ultimate mission, with a staff eager to please to ensure an afternoon or evening you will never forget.

Plantation Wedding in Louisiana
Plantation Weddings in Louisiana

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Magnolia Belle

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Southern Lily

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Charming Peony

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Enchanting Rose

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 "I was married at the Juliette Plantation in May 2017. It was amazing. The grounds and reception area are breathtaking and require minimal decorations! We got so many compliments on how beautiful everything was! Mrs. Tammy is so helpful from start to finish and goes above and beyond to make sure your day is perfect! I highly recommend the Juliette Plantation to anyone wanting an elegant, classy, southern wedding. Our night was absolutely perfect!"  

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